Introducing a New Off-Road Champion:
The Ineos Grenadier

In the world of off-road adventuring, the arrival of the Ineos Grenadier marks a thrilling new chapter.

The Ineos Grenadier is engineered for the off-road purist. It's a vehicle that combines classic design with modern technology, creating an unmatchable driving experience. With its robust build and exceptional off-road capabilities, the Grenadier is quickly becoming the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking adventure and reliability.

CAtuned Off-Road is proud to announce its latest project: crafting custom exterior mods for the rugged Grenadier. Whether you're traversing rocky mountains or navigating through dense forests, our mods are designed to enhance your vehicle's resilience and capability on every terrain.

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The Ineos Grenadier stands as a testament to the fusion of classic off-road design and modern engineering. Born from a desire for a no-nonsense, robust, and dependable 4x4, the Grenadier combines traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Its sturdy chassis, superior off-road capabilities, and practical features make it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking adventure without compromise. The vehicle's straightforward design, focused on utility and durability, ensures it thrives in the toughest environments, from rugged mountain trails to uncharted forest paths. The Ineos Grenadier is more than just a vehicle; it's a reliable partner for those who dare to explore the road less traveled.


The Grenadier might be a rugged, reliable, uncompromising 4X4. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s comfortable. It’s versatile. It’s balanced to drive both on road and off. And it’s designed to carry out whatever task your life throws at it.

So it’s your family car, your vacation car, your weekend adventure car, the choice is yours. The 4X4 engineered for you to live with for many years to come.


Slippery, deep, rutted, rocky. Off-road terrain comes in many forms. So, you need a 4X4 that’s up to tackling every eventuality. With the Grenadier you have it, with some to spare. From power, torque, and grip, to rugged beam axles and constant traction, it’s engineered for wherever you decide to take it. The ground underneath you may change, the Grenadier’s capability does not.


Heading off the beaten track isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the experience of getting there. With the Grenadier you’re all set. Simply load up your gear and go. Activate the Pathfinder navigation* system and plot your own route, safe in the knowledge you’re logging your journey, so you’ll find your way back. With seating for five and 40 cubic feet of load space behind, pack the tripod, camp chairs and picnic box for the day ahead.


At CAtuned Off-Road, a thrilling new chapter is unfolding with this latest project . Our team is buzzing with innovation and creativity as we embark on developing a completely custom front bumper, designed not just for aesthetics but for unparalleled functionality. This front bumper is the epitome of CAtuned's commitment to durability and design, tailored to meet the unique demands of off-road enthusiasts.

The excitement at CAtuned Off-Road doesn't end there! We are pushing the boundaries further, bringing a suite of exterior modifications that promise to redefine the off-road experience. Each mod is a testament to our passion for excellence and innovation, embodying the spirit of adventure that drives our brand. By bringing the CAtuned touch to the Ineos Grenadier, we're not just catering to an existing community of off-road enthusiasts; we're expanding our horizons to welcome a whole new market of adventurers. Stay tuned as we continue to blend our expertise with the Grenadier’s rugged charm, ensuring that your next adventure is not just a journey, but a remarkable experience.



We want to hear from you on what you would like to see CAtuned Off-Road create for the Ineos Grenadier!
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