One of the most important upgrades you can do for your off-road vehicle is adding a snorkel. Avoiding dust, water and snow ingestion is essential for any vehicle, especially an off-road vehicle. This where snorkels come into play. Snorkels relocate an engine’s air intake from a low, vulnerable position to a high, safe location where a constant supply of clean air is available.

TJM 2010+ 4Runner Airtec Snorkel Kit
TJM’s all new Snorkel for the 2010+ Toyota 4Runner are now in final stages of production. The new Snorkel have been developed from the ground up to offer superior styling for the 4Runner. Equip your 4Runner with TJM's Snorkel and have peace of mind knowing that your pride and joy has the best styling on the market.

$699.99 $499.99