Back in the 70’s when 4WD’s were few and far between, three adventure seeking mates got their ‘off road thrill’ with customised Volkswagen Beetles supped up as beach buggies. Each fitted with custom made bull bars, roll bars and sand tyres – they drew the attention of friends and bystanders. Before long, Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones and Steve Mollenhauer were making hand-made custom bars for a growing number of fans. As the demand continued to grow, they decided it was time to get serious.

In 1973, with little more than their combined initials, shared passion and appreciation for quality products – TJM was founded and the rest is history. They were pioneers and TJM became the first company in Australia to manufacture and distribute quality 4WD equipment.

Our product range has extensively grown to include; steel and alloy bull bars, nudge bars, side and rear protection bars, side steps, trade racks, roof racks, TJM recovery equipment, TJM winches, TJM XGS suspension, Airtec snorkels, TJM Pro Lockers and TJM roof top tents & awnings.

While TJM has grown to be a sophisticated operation, we have never forgotten the key elements that resulted in the formation of the brand.
• Trust: from the quality of manufacturing.
• Pride: in our innovative designs.
• Adventure: heading out from suburbia and experiencing the wonders of our unique and breathtaking country, Australia.

In 2011, a dedicated USA sales operation was set up and TJM USA was born. Demand continued to grow for a wide variety of products and vehicles in America. In 2016, a dedicated engineering department was set up in San Diego, California which continues to focus on delivering the highest quality products that are both stylish and functional.

Picture of TJM  2016+ Tacoma Rear Leaf Pack (Pair)
Replace your Tacoma's add-a-leaf with a tried and proven leaf pack made by TJM. It gives you 1.5" -3" lift in the rear and paired with XGS series rear shocks it improves your ride quality on and off road. Also available in Heavy Option. Call us to get a shipping quote.


Picture of TJM 96-02 T17 Toyota 4Runner Front Bumper
Back by popular demand, TJM’s T17 for the Toyota 4Runner has been redesigned, with new one piece construction, new turn indicator pressings and TJM proprietary recovery T-slot lifting points. Please contact us for shipping quote.

$1,159.99 $995.99

Picture of TJM 2016+ Tacoma Rock Crawler Front Bumper
TJM’s all new Rock Crawler bumper for the 2016 + Toyota Tacoma.


TJM Awning

$259.99 $139.99