Land Cruiser OM606 - SEMA 2017

We found this 1988 Toyota FJ62 on Craigslist located in Chico California. It already had a 5 speed swap done. We had an idea to swap something it there that would be more reliable with some increase in power and torque. Thoughts of Chevy LS power came to mind. We love our diesel Trooper and that was also something we would love to have in a FJ. Looking around for options we came across the thought of the Mercedes OM606. With slight modifications to the injection pump, these engines can produces impressive numbers. We were able to find a decent engine with 150k miles from a local recycling yard. Now we can start messing with this thing. We got the stock motor out and started mocking things up. By the looks of it, it seems that it fits quite well. Oil pan swap was done from an OM648 due to the oil pump and sump being in a location that will be more suitable for the axle under it.


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